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Cirrus Rainboots are revolutionising the footwear industry - VP of Design & Development, Tommy Bray tells us why



‘I’m delighted to be able to introduce an innovation in footwear – an invention that I am excited about and one that has given me immense satisfaction’ says Tommy Bray, Vice President of Design & Development at totes Isotoner US.


‘For the duration of my 35 year career in the footwear business, I have worked to deliver and improve our customers’ comfort experience’ he continues, explaining that a common complaint with most rain boots on the market today is their long-term comfort and durability. They look and feel great when first worn with plump cushioned insoles - but he explains that this ‘soon flattens, giving way to a less than desirable wearing and comfort experience. While frequently improved, a permanent solution to this problem has eluded me – until now.’


So Tommy and our team invented something truly unique that would change comfort as we know it - forever.


‘Welcome to Everywear®’ he announces, the technology behind our Cirrus rain boots and a totes Isotoner exclusive. Tommy describes it as 'beautifully lightweight, incredibly durable, permanently cushiony and forever delivering of that first time wearing experience of truly comfy footwear’ with no need for 'getting to know them or breaking them in, just simply perfect from the moment they’re put on - each and every time’.


So how does this brand new technology set Cirrus rain boots apart from the crowd?

Tommy shares with us the benefits of the Everywear® compound. The first being lightness ‘if you take a competitive rain boot product it weights about 2lbs’, and ‘take the similar silhouette using the Everywear® compound, the weight is 0.75lbs’ making Cirrus rain boots, on average, around ‘60% lighter in weight than a traditional rain boot on the market’.


Another key benefit to Cirrus rain boots is the unrestricted flexibility, ‘using the Everywear® compound in an outsole you get complete flexibility’ and ‘unrestricted movement of the compound, so when it’s flexed completely it returns to its original state’ explains Tommy. ‘Conventional open cell foam breaks compression and use which leads to discomfort, but Everywear®’s unique and proprietary closed cell foam can squish and rebound for comfort that lasts and lasts’ providing our Cirrus rain boots with lifetime durability.


But, the proof is in the pudding and so Tommy put our technology to the test. ‘We’ve mechanically measured the compression of the Everywear® compound and after 100,000 cycles we get less than 1mm of permanent compression’

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