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The ultimate totes gift guide is
here - gifts to make their
Christmas one to remember

Nothing really makes Christmas so spectacular than seeing your excitable children peeping out the top of their covers, as they wait in hope for the sound of Santa clambering down the chimney. Or the absolute enjoyment you get from looking into their twinkling eyes as stand staring in awe at the mountain of presents, praying an Elsa winter set sits under there. Or the jumps for joy unwrapping gifts, as they immediately fall in love with the Disney princess socks in their stockings.





A kid’s energy over the Christmas holidays is like no other. With excitement building, and the big day looming, ensure they wrap up warm on their winter adventures with our hat and glove sets. Fit for any magical princess or courageous super hero.

Let their imaginations run wild, whilst keeping them warm as they endure harmonious battles and take part in make believe fairytales with their friends. And when they come home from a hard day at school, grizzly monster booties slippers will be waiting for them to wind down in, as you read them their favourite enchanting story

Get into the Christmas spirit with our fluffy reindeer booties, whilst you deck the halls with soft glowing lights, and watch the tree twinkle at night. With help from your little ones as the excitement builds, together with their siblings creating a festive feel in their best tiger slippers.

Pop some slippers in their Christmas eve box! Choose from our range of moccasin and booties slippers, in fun, colourful and playful characters. Cats, sharks and dinosaur designs, complete with warm soft linings and slip-resistant treads, perfect for when the excitement has them running about the house to check if Rudolf ate his treats and see what Father Christmas has left for them under the tree, making that one special day in December, a cosy Christmas to remember.

As the fireplace crackles and the day draws to a close have the family kitted out in playful sock designs and bring out the games. Treaded soles keep them from slipping over as they re-inact hilarious charades and outsmart the adults.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, from all of us at totes.